About Us

Gender Loans was established to make guarantor loans more accessible for borrowers with bad credit. Since starting, we have helped numerous customers avail of guarantor loans from £50 up to £5,000. Our products are especially designed for people who can't find a homeowner guarantor. Instead of rejecting applications because of a guarantor's non eligibility, we decided to offer non-homeowner guarantor loans that you can easily avail and get approved for. As long as you guarantor can provide proof of steady income, even if he or she isn't a homeowner or a mortgage payer, Gender Loans can guarantee same day approval for your application.

As a leader and trusted name in non-homeowner guarantor loans, Gender Loans continue to help borrowers by ensuring that we only offer the best available deals in the market. To do that, we partner with key players in the financial industry. But more importantly, we strive to offer only the best customer service to all our customers.