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Welcome | While guarantor loans are easily accessible online, many borrowers continue to struggle getting approved for one because of the guarantor requirement. Finding a guarantor that's a homeowner in the UK and has good credit isn't easy after all. Fortunately, Gender Loans exists to resolve the problem. To bridge the gap between people with bad credit and accessible personal loans, we bring one of the market's most competitive non homeowner guarantor loans online from top lenders such as MyGuarantorLoansMyGuarantorLoans.

What We Do?

Gender Loans specializes in providing our customers with easy to avail and very affordable non homeowner guarantor loans from £50 up to £5,000. If you need quick cash for overdue bills, car repair, medical expense or any other personal financial needs, look no further than Gender Loans. We cater to everyone with bad credit even those with history of ccjs, defaults, arrears or bankruptcy.

If you applied for a guarantor loan before only to get rejected because your guarantor is not eligible to guarantee your repayments, that doesn't need to be a problem with Gender Loans. With us, your guarantor doesn't need to be a homeowner to qualify. As long he or she has good credit and is willing to co-sign the debt agreement, we can almost always guarantee quick or even same day approval.

What We Offer

At Gender Loans, we offer two types of guarantor loans so we can cater to a more diverse group of borrowers. We have guarantor loans that require a homeowner guarantor which are ideal for people needing cash over £5,000. But our main specialty is the other type - the non-homeowner guarantor loans. With non-homeowner guarantor loans, your guarantor doesn't have to be a homeowner and you can borrow from £50 up to £5000.

As long as you and your guarantor meet the basic requirements, approval shouldn't be approval. We also further help our customers enjoy competitive non homeowner guarantor loan deals by working hand in hand with the best lenders online as well as with top comparison and resource sites such as Money Co UK.

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What Are Guarantor Loans

How Do These Contracts WorkGuarantor loans, as the name implies, are unsecured personal loans that require a guarantor to guarantee a borrower's repayments in order to get approved. Typical guarantor loans require guarantors to be homeowners or mortgage payers in the UK. Unfortunately, it's not always easy to find an eligible guarantor.

Because of that, lenders such as Gender Loans decided to bridge the gap by offering non guarantor homeowners loans. Just like traditional guarantor loans, this type of loans offer flexible loan amounts and terms. You can borrow between £50 and £5,000 at repayment periods starting from one month to 36 months. In terms of cost, the average Representative APR for guarantor loans is 50%. It can be higher or lower and it can be fixed or variable. Either way, guarantor loans are one of the less expensive unsecured personal loans in the market today for people with bad credit.

If you want to know more about guarantor loans, Independent Co UK has more useful information for you.

How To Avail Guarantor Loans

How Do These Contracts WorkTo avail of Gender Loans' non-homeowner guarantor loans, make sure you meet the basic requirements. For borrowers, you must be of legal age (18 years or older) and a resident of UK. You are also required to provide proof of income and you must have an active bank account in the UK.

For guarantors, he or she must be 21 years old or older, a resident in the UK and has good credit. The guarantor doesn't have to be a homeowner or a mortgage payer but he or she needs to provide proof of steady income to be qualified. You guarantor can be anyone from a family to a friend or even a colleague. As long as he or she is not linked to you financially, the person is welcome to guarantee your repayments.

Apply Today

How Do These Contracts WorkIf you're ready to avail of Gender Loans' quick cash solutions to today's most common financial emergencies, simply follow our simple application process. First, fill out our online application form which will take you seconds to complete. Submit your requirements especially your guarantor information. We will assess your financial circumstance as well as credit check your guarantor. We will confirm your eligibility and approve your loan application. Once approval is confirmed, you can expect to receive the money through your bank account within 24 hours or less.

At Gender Loans, there's no more excuse why you can't get approved for a guarantor loan. As long as you have a non-homeowner guarantor who can provide proof of steady of income, you are welcome to apply.